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As a Pentecostal community, the purpose of chapel at Continental Theological Seminary is to cultivate our relationship with God and each other. Chapel experiences are vital and an integral part of the seminary culture at Continental. We are committed to developing the spiritual life of each student not only through the classroom but also in times of community celebration, worship, inspiration, edification, prayer, and proclamation of the Word.

Community Concerts

Organized by the CTS Department of Music in December of each year, the seminary hosts a Christmas community concert. Invitations are distributed throughout the community inviting local authorities, neighbors, and local businesses to enjoy an evening of Christmas music on the campus. Likewise in the spring of each year, a spring community concert is planned, inviting friends and neighbors to the campus.

Open Doors

Twice a year through the unique program “Open Doors”, those interested in attending CTS are invited to the campus to experience what it is like to attend seminary. During this time opportunity is given to attend classes, enjoy worshiping in our chapel services, and meet students, faculty, and staff. The visit includes transportation to and from the airport and/or the train station. Meals, lodging, and campus tours are also provided.

Student Ministry Week

Each spring the entire student body participates in a continent-wide evangelistic outreach. Through the leadership of the Student Ministry Committee, contacts are made with local churches and church organizations to plan outreach ministries in local communities and throughout Europe.


Commencement is an annual ceremony that honors and recognizes the scholarship, service, and Christian growth of the graduating class. It is a celebratory service where students, faculty, staff, parents, relatives, and friends congratulate the graduates on their “new beginning.” Diplomas and degrees are awarded to students who have successfully completed the requirements of their chosen program of study.

Summer Missions

Annually, from funds raised during missions emphasis throughout the academic year, students are sent to various countries assisting in a variety of short-term missionary endeavors. Through serving others, this opportunity gives students a “hands-on” experience in learning more about culture, language, and other aspects of missions work. The following academic year, each summer intern gives a report of his work during the seminary’s annual missions convention.

Missions Convention

This annual event is held each fall semester and provides an opportunity for the entire seminary community to focus attention on the needs of the world. Classes are dismissed for two days, and chapel services are conducted in the mornings and in the evenings. Faith promises are collected which in turn helps to fund student summer missions internships.

Spiritual Emphasis

Held each spring semester, Spiritual Emphasis provides opportunity for the entire campus to focus on God and what He is saying in their lives. For two days classes are dismissed, and chapel services are held in the mornings and in the evenings.