About CTS

Letter from the President

Life is a journey of opportunities. We hear similar phrases at graduation ceremonies, presidential inaugurations, anniversary celebrations, awards-winning assemblies and other similar solemn events. However, this truth is more than occasional reminder. It is daily reality.

There are various kinds of opportunities, but most of them could be divided into two broad categories: negative and positive ones. Following the depraved human nature, some people would easily seize “the chance” to avoid justice, laws, integrity, equality and other virtues in order “to gain” something for themselves. They turn their life into a journey of evil opportunities.

Another group of people would focus on taking hold of the good scenarios that life often has to offer – education, profession, respect by others, welfare through honest and hard work and other types of similar good standing in the society. They turn their life into a journey of positive opportunities.

"People turn their life into a journey of godly opportunities."

However, there is one more category of people whose life is not only characterized by following good opportunities but also by recognizing the Giver of these opportunities and Continental Theological Seminary is a place where such people could be met. Uniting students from different continents, cultures and mindsets, the school offers the unique opportunity for establishing life-long friendships, quality education skills, growth in various Christian ministries and awareness of the individual’s place and importance in meeting the spiritual needs of this world. Such people turn their life into a journey of godly opportunities.

This has been our story for more than fifty five years and I warmly welcome you as you browse over the different sections of our website. May you discover the opportunities that are available for you at Continental, and most of all may you consider your life taking in consideration how rewarding it is to study, research and worship the One who might direct your paths through these opportunities just like He has done and does it with many others like you.


Prof. Dr. Joseph P. Dimitrov