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Continental Theological Seminary welcomes your Application for Admission. 

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Continental Theological Seminary welcomes your Application for Admission. Your application and each of your supporting credentials will be carefully reviewed. Since each applicant to CTS is evaluated on his or her individual merit, it is extremely important that these materials present a full and accurate record of your academic and personal qualifications.

Questions? If you need assistance in completing this Application for Admission, Please call the Admissions Office at: +32 (02) 334.85.32. If you have questions about finances, please call the Business Office at: +32 (02) 334.85.35. 

Admission Requirements

Continental Theological Seminary admits students with academic characteristics that predict success in the seminary program to which they seek enrollment and who exhibit personal qualities that indicate a contribution to and support of the mission of the school. 

Admission to the seminary involves both a commitment to academic excellence and to a lifestyle consistent with the values and objectives of the seminary. By signing the application form, each student certifies an intent to abide by the ethical and moral principles of the seminary, as well as an acceptance of the challenges of learning and spiritual development.

In selecting students for admission, Continental Theological Seminary looks for evidence of Christian commitment, as well as the desire and capacity to learn. Admission is based on a composite picture afforded by the students' transcripts, test scores, character references, and an expression of Christian experience and educational objectives. 

Transfer of Credit

Transfer of credit toward a degree program is based on the comparability and applicability of the credit from the sending institution toward a degree program at Continental. Transfer students must earn at least 60 ECTS at CTS to qualify for graduation.