Building Leaders through Academics

Continental Theological Seminary, a Pentecostal Center for higher education, exists to provide theological studies in an international environment to prepare men and women for Christian ministry and challenge them to develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and culturally in order to serve God and their fellow man.

Areas of Study

Master of Theology in Evangelical and Pentecostal Studies

This MTh program is a second cycle program, leading to the MTh degree with specialist pathways in Biblical Studies and in Missiological Studies. The degree program offers core courses and electives through which the student acquires knowledge in the major fields of biblical theology and missiology.    more

Diploma in Bible & Applied Theology

This first cycle of academic studies, leading to the Diploma in Bible and Applied Theology, provides a solid theological education and prepares students for entering  ... more

Diploma in Bible with Church Music Specialization

Music and Worship is at the heart of the local church. The CTS Church Music Specialization is designed to prepare students to be effective leaders ... more

We Speak Your Language

French and English speakers are nearly
equal in number at CTS

Diploma of Divinity (DDiv)

The Diplomaof Divinity degree is designed to help the student concentrate his/her studies in the area of Biblical languages as well as obtain adequate and sufficient knowledge in the major fields of Bible and  ... more

Diploma in Bible & Missiological Studies

The Diplomain Bible and Missiological Studies degree is designed to help the student concentrate his/her studies in the area of Missions as well as obtain adequate and ... more

We Are Diverse

Over 30 nations are represented with a mix of
58% male and 42% female students.

Short Term Studies

If for some reason you are not able to commit to three years of studying for a full academic Diploma, you have the option to study in short-term programs. ... more

We Live in the Community

Nearly 60% of students live on campus while the remainder commute from Brussels and beyond.

Teaching Faculty

Prof. Dr. Joseph Dimitrov 

Seminary President & Chair
New Testament

Stephen D. Aldrich 



Dr. Samuel Brelo


Dr. David Courey


Justin Evans 


Carl R. Hess

Dean (interim) of Research Research Faculty Advisor

Glen Johnsen 

Music Director /
Student Life Director

Ralf Lubs

Academic Dean & Chair
Historical Theology

Dr. Carmelo Mendola 


Danny Sebastian


Dr. David Trementozzi

Dean of Graduate Studies
Chair Systematic Theology

Dr. Bob Welch 

Lecturer, Chair, Practical Theology

Karen Welch 


Darrell Wood 


Dianne Wood 


Johanna Wyrwal 


Accreditation of Academic Programs

The establishing of Continental Theological Seminary, as an institution of higher education in Europe was first born in the heart of Rev. Alfred Amitié the founding director of the school. For more than fifty years now Continental has sent out alumni into more than 70 countries.

It was always a goal of the seminary to be officially recognized and accredited within its European context. On 25 November 2005 the Belgian Flemish Government granted the recognition and official registration to the school as an institution offering higher theological education. After successfully completing the rigorous procedure for academic accreditation, on 18 October 2007 the CTS’s Master of Theology in Evangelical and Pentecostal Studies Degree Program was fully accredited by the Belgian Flemish Ministry of Education. CTS is authorized to issue its own Master’s degree program as the other degree granting recognized European institutions of higher education. In 2011 the program passed the test of accreditation renewal scheduled according to the Belgian legislation and its full accreditation continues until 2019 when accreditation renewal test is due again.

For more information, please visit the official site of the Higher Education Register.