Jesus Loves Questions

Jesus Loves Questions

by Wendy Beery on April 13, 2020
Jesus Loves Questions

Luke 24:13-35

The disciples on the road to Emmaus were confused. Jesus Himself had joined them in their travels, but they were confused about who He was, as well as confused by the events that had recently happened in Jesus’ life. But Jesus was not agitated by their confusion, and He did not immediately dissipate it. In fact, He used questions, not answers, to lead them to the truth.

First, He asked what they were talking about. He wanted to know what was on their hearts. Of course He knew! Yet He wanted them to voice their frustration, even that they were shocked that this stranger didn’t know the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection. However, Jesus did not leave them in their confusion. He helped them process the importance and meaning of these events.

Now it was the disciples’ turn to ask a question of Jesus. As they approached the city of Emmaus, Jesus continued as though He were going on. He knew that the three of them would end up together. But He waited for the men to request that He remain with them. He wanted their desire to fuel their request. He knew that initiation of the request on the part of the two disciples would be more meaningful than if He assumed He was a part of their traveling team.

The time of the breaking of bread came, and Jesus and the two disciples sat down to eat. The men slowed their lives when they sat down. And in slowing down, their spirits breathed in the presence of Jesus. They knew it was Him.

The disciples then asked each other a question. How could it be they had not recognized Jesus on the road? They acknowledged that their spirits were kindled by the presence of the man with whom they were walking. Jesus had allowed them to recognize His presence in their own time. He trusted the Spirit to lead them to Truth.

Jesus did not require fanfare in order to be revealed to those around Him. He was not threatened by the disciples’ confusion and being unrecognized for a time. He knew the disciples would uncover the truth, and He trusted the work of the Spirit to direct them in that discovery.

How comfortable are you with questions? Questions from Jesus, questions to Jesus, and questions to one another? What about questions from those who do not yet follow Jesus?

Jesus loves questions, He uses questions, and He is not at all threatened by questions. May our hearts be so secure in Jesus that questions quicken our heart and not threaten our faith.

Wendy Beery