Short Term Studies

If for some reason you are not able to commit to three years of studying for a full academic Bachelor, you have the option to study in short-term programs.

This means that if you complete the first year of any of the Bachelor's program (Level One in the catalog) you would have the option to exit with Certificate for Higher Education in Theology; if you complete the second year of the Bachelor's program (Level Two in the catalog), you would have the option to exit with Diploma of Higher Education in Theology. If you decide to come later, you would not need to repeat the first and second year but you would continue directly into the third year and thus complete the full Bachelor's course.

Students enrolled in short-term programs also have the possibility to live on campus. You can download the catalog and see Level One, Level Two and Level Three modules. The direct link to the catalog on our website is here. 

In addition to this option, if you want to come and study for personal spiritual enrichment, and not necessarily for an academic bachelor, you are welcome to enroll in any of the courses you choose. You will not be required to take the tests and do the homework, even though you will have the option to if you like. Anyone enrolled for personal enrichment is considered an ‘auditing student’ and pays half of the tuition cost. Auditing students also have the possibility to live on campus.

Ms. Tina Vale