Saturday School (Distance Learning Program)


Since 1999, CTS has expanded its vision in the academic area and began to offer distance learning courses in Brussels area and the Walloon region. Several centers (schools or local churches) have made their facilities available on Saturdays allowing students to deepen their knowledge of the Bible and theology, and all this happens in their own region. There are many who are not able to come and study on campus but CTS is going to them!

Goals and purposes

CTS offers every Christian the opportunity to study God’s Word and the related subjects thanks to the distance learning courses. With the conviction that every Christian is called to know God and His Word in a deeper way, in order to better love Him, to better serve Him, to better serve the local church but also to better invest in our society, CTS enables every person who desires to follow a sound teaching from a biblical, theological and practical perspective.

The student has also the opportunity to obtain academic credits of an equivalent class valid in the Bachelor's program offered by the seminary. Additionally, after successfully passing the exam, the recognition of the course in the Bachelor's program will be completed under the conditions established by the academic office of the seminary. In any case, a payment of additional fees that equal the difference between the costs of the Saturday School class and the costs of the regular Bachelor's program class would be required.

Upcoming Courses


1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse

Prof. Ralf Lubs
Academic Dean