Master’s of Theology in Evangelical and Pentecostal Studies Program—Online Option

Beginning in the fall of 2021, the CTS Master’s Program will be offered to a limited number of online students who are unable to attend classes in person. In the online variation, each course will be offered in an online synchronous model whereby students participate in real time via Google Meet or Zoom. Each course will utilize the Neo Learning Management System to ensure that academic rigor and access to materials are the same for both online and seated students. Classes will continue to be offered in one-week block sessions with coursework following. Availability is limited for the online option. Acceptance is granted on a case-by-case basis. Students interested in the online option must fill out the standard MTh application by clicking here.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is correct, as complete as possible at the time of posting, and is checked and updated regularly. However it is issued for the general guidance of potential students and does not form part of any contract. Continental Theological Seminary expects to provide the programs and facilities described, but reserves the right to withdraw or make alterations to programs if necessary. All programs and modules offered are subject to approval from our validating authorities.

*CTS reserves the right to change fees without prior notice.