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These are the most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, please contact us directly.

  • What are the costs for my degree? BA? MTh?
    BA Tuition = 3015€
    MTh Tuition = 4260 € One year program (10 courses)
                       or 2330 € Two year program (5 courses per year)
    Dorm Room & Meals = 3180€
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  • How many students study at CTS?
    77 Bachelor’s Students, 43 Master of Theology, 52 Saturday School
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  • What will I be able to do with my CTS degree?
    1. You will have sound Biblical and Theological knowledge of the word of God for personal benefit.

    2. You will have full rights and privileges for ministerial appointment in accordance with your national denomination.

    3. With CTS degrees, graduates have become: Pastors, teachers of religion classes in public schools, teachers in Bible Schools, Chaplains in hospitals and prisons, Missionaries.

    4. You can pursue higher level of education either Master’s or PhD studies in any European or American Institution for higher Theological Education.
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  • Can I get to CTS on public transportation from Brussels?
    Yes, convenient connections are available from Brussels Zaventum & Brussels South
    Chareleroi Airports, and also from Gare du Midi.
    For detailed information see here.
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  • Does the CTS faculty have ministerial backgrounds?
    Yes, each of the teaching staff have ministerial backgrounds as pastors or missionaries.
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  • Does CTS accept students from outside the EU?
    Yes, Once the student is accepted, the admissions process includes the necessary
    attestation documents for the granting of student resident visas in Belgium.
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  • Are the programs offered in French and English?
    Yes, all programs are offered in French and English except:
         BA in Bible and Pastoral Counseling (offered only in French)
         BA in Bible and Church Music (offered only in English)
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  • What are the admission requirements?
    Completed Application form, High School Diploma or equivalent and Pastoral Reference.
    For Auditing students, and those studying exclusively for personal enrichment - the High
    School diploma is not required.
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  • Can I take classes only for personal enrichment without following a degree?
    Yes. All classes are available on an individual basis for a personalized course of study.
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  • Are students at CTS currently involved in ministry?
    Yes, All students are required to participate in weekly local church ministry as part of their
    practical training throughout their studies at CTS.
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  • Can I study only part time?
    Yes. However for students coming from outside the EU full time status is required in
    order to obtain the necessary student visa.
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  • I have a full time job. Can I study at CTS only one or two days per week on my days off?
    Yes, The course times are arranged so that you may follow an entire semester course
    attending only one day each week. Please see weekly class schedule for more info.
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