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Those desiring admission to Continental Theological Seminary should submit the following documents to the Admissions Office:
  1. A Personal Autobiography: Submit a brief autobiography of not more than two pages. Be sure to comment on your commitment to Christ, including when and how you became a Christian, when you were baptized in water, when you were baptized in the Holy Spirit, if you feel a call of God on your life for ministry, the significant factors which have aided your growth as a Christian, and the important events and people shaping your identity as a person.
  2. A completed Application Form, accompanied by payment of the 35 euro non-refundable application fee, and six recent head and shoulder photographs (passport style).
  3. A Personal Statement:
    • Describing your personal and ministry goals;  
    • Describing your present and past involvement in church and other ministry activities;
    • Commenting on encouragement you have received from family and friends and how they view your application to Continental;
    • Describing your strengths and weaknesses;
    • Describing your medical and psychological history.
  4. A completed Pastoral Recommendation Form from the pastor of your church.  
  5. A completed Academic Recommendation Form from a professor, school administrator, or a professional colleague.
  6. An official secondary education (high school) transcript (a high school “equivalency” transcript is also acceptable).
  7. If applicable, transcripts from all institutions of higher education. Transfer students must also submit a reference form from the Dean of Students of the college / seminary most recently attended.  
  8. A completed medical health history form. This medical history is required of students who are (1) entering CTS for the first time, (2) returning after an absence of one year, or (3) who have previously attended other CTS academic programs but are entering regular seminary classes for the first time. Proof of health insurance is required of all students.
  9. A mastery of the English language is crucial for successful completion of the academic programs at Continental. Therefore, students whose first language is not English must submit acceptable test scores from one of several available English proficiency exams. The Admissions Office will instruct applicants which English exam they must successfully complete.
Applicants will receive a letter of their acceptance / denial to the seminary approximately two to four weeks after their admission file is completed.

Non-EU Students

In accordance with government regulations, applicants who are from a non-EU country must arrange for a financial sponsor who must guarantee full responsibility for the student’s expenses. Students are not permitted to work and therefore must demonstrate that they have enough funding to meet full financial obligations for the academic year. Non-EU students must carry a full academic load each semester. It is recommended that prospective non-EU students apply no later than six months prior to the term in which they wish to enroll in order to receive materials, process the application, and obtain a student visa. In addition to satisfying the general requirements for admission, non-EU students whose first language is not English must also demonstrate English proficiency. Visa Information All students coming from outside the EU are required to obtain a student visa before arriving in Belgium. Applicants may use their letter of acceptance sent by the seminary to obtain a student visa from their local Belgian Consulate. In accordance with Belgian law, students arriving without a valid student visa will not be allowed to register for classes. All students must abide by any and all visa restrictions imposed by the Belgian authorities. Failure to do so may result in the loss of one’s student status (visa).


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